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Translation Equipment


The supply and installation of equipment for simultaneous interpretation (translation equipment) and interpreters booths is the speciality of Caisson Congrestechniek. The communication equipment work by means of Infrared, this is the predominant technology in this field and is the most secure solution, both in the sense of reliability and eavesdropping.

How does translation equipment work in practice?

Per language combination (f.e.. Dutch-French and French-Dutch) we place one interpreters booth in the conference room. This is a 2 persons booth equipped with 2 interpreters-desks. The interpreters who take place in the booth hear through their headsets, connected to the interpreters-desk what is being said by the speaker via the microphone-system in the conference room, and translate this immediately into the other language. The audience in the room are supplied with wireless infrared receivers and headphones.  Via infrared radiators placed in the conferenceroom they can hear the translation from the interpreters on the designated channel of the receiver.  Caisson Congrestechniek uses the digital Bosch Integrus Interpreters system (DCN) which garantees high reliability and a perfect cristall-clear sound quality.

We can also provide you with light weight portable interpretation system, also called a tourguide-system. The system consists of a wireless microphone and wireless receivers with phones. The interpreter sits in the conference-room and speaks softly the translated words in the microphone. Disadvantage is the noise the interpreter makes, this can be bothersome. Besides that, the participants have to sit near the interpreter (maximum +/- 5 till 10 meters depending on the reception ). The portable system is mostly used with small (mobile) groups  of about 20 persons, in rooms where there is no place for a full system or for budgetary reasons. Advantage is that there is no need for a microphone-system.

We supply translation equipment of the following brands:

Bosch Integrus/Next Generation

A complete overview of our equipment with prices can be found in our Catalogue. Click here

Our booths meet the International standards for transportable booths: ISO1998-4043
Our translation-equipment complies with the International standards for conference-systems: NEN-10914 en IEC-764 (infraredequipment)