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Discussion Systems

Taiden HCS-4380/82/70/71 Series Contribution Units  
Foldaway, stylish and ergonomically designed unit
Superior acoustics, faster data-processing by using fully digital audio technology in combination with built-in high performance CPU

Compliant to IEC60914

Automatic recovery facility, supporting "PnP"(plug and play)
Uni-directional electret condenser microphone with an illuminated red ring
Microphone stem can be unplugged during adjournment, easy to maintain
Hi-Fi flat-panel loudspeaker with minimal acoustic feed back, automatically mute when microphone is active
φ3.5mm jack for headphone, with controllable volume
φ3.5mm jack for connection with external microphone
Built-in channel selector with up/down channel select keys and 2-digit channel display
  The channel selector is activated when the headphone is connected
Microphone On/Off button, 5 voting keys
Graphic 256x32 LCD with back-lighting for displaying the followings:
the number of current speakers, request-to-speak list, delegate signed-in and voting results, etc.
Messages(system administrator can send messages to all or part of participants)
Multilingual(simplified/traditional Chinese, English, etc) menu
System when operated in stand-alone mode can implement the following facilities:
"ACTIVE MICROS", set the number of delegates permitted to speak at the same time
"OPEN"mode, microphone key with request-to-speak registration(AUTO)
"OVERRIDE" mode, microphone key control with override of the active microphones (FIFO)
"VOICE " mode, voice-activated microphones with selectable threshold
"APPLY" mode, Speak request under chairman's control
"DAIS" mode, chairman unit with control facility is always active in this mode
Parliamentary voting(YES/NO/ABSTAIN)
Simultaneous interpretation
In combination with the corresponding software modules, multiform voting can be implemented:
Parliamentary: YES/NO/ABSTAIN
。Pass-rate setup, voting result calculated automatically
。Voting result calculated according to predefined or present attendance
Multi choice/ Opinion poll: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5
Audience response/ Rating: --/ -/ 0/ +/ ++
First key-press validity or last key-press validity
Nominative and secret ballot optional
Voting start or stop controlled either by operator or chairman
Voting results can be displayed within seconds, and automatically stored in system database
Built-in IC-card reader for IC-card sign-in
Key-press sign-in available
Built-in intercom facility
Automatic video tracking, when cooperated with camera and video switch unit
Any delegate unit can be set as VIP
VIP unit can be activated as long as the total active micros is not beyond 6. Up to 32 units can be
  set as VIP in one system
Chairman unit has following conference control facilities besides delegate functions :
Activated at any time
Priority key can switch off or mute the speaking units according to preset
Approve/deny all delegate's speaking request
Launch parliamentary voting(YES/NO/ABSTAIN) session without PC
Voting start or stop control
Voting results displayed or not on the LCD optional
System supports up to 100 chairman units, while only 1 chairman unit has the control facilities listed above (set by software)
Operator unit HCS-4380X is only used for control of intercom facility, but cannot be used for conference discussion
Microphone stem length: 340mm, 420mm(default), 480mm
Dimensions: 245 X 137 X 55 mm
Connection (system units connect up in series)
1.5M cable with 6P-DIN plug
0.6M cable with 6P-DIN socket
Chairman Unit
Delegate Unit
Delegate Unit
Delegate Unit
Delegate Unit